For all specialties, the Fellowship Examination is offered in either English or French. Choice of language will apply to all aspects of the Examination process. Language choice may not be changed after the application deadline. Correspondence by RCDC defaults to the examination language.


Terms and Conditions

I hereby make application to The Royal College of Dentists of Canada (RCDC) in accordance with and subject to its Constitution, By-laws, and its rules or regulations. I hereby agree that RCDC may at any time investigate the information submitted in this application and my reputation for complying with the standard of ethics of the profession. I authorize all individuals, institutions, and organizations with which I am currently or have been associated who may have information bearing on my professional qualifications, ethical standing, competence to release such information to RCDC, its staff, agents examiners, or officers.

I acknowledge that I will be disqualified from the application process in the event that any of the statements herein made by me are false, or in the event that any of the rules governing application for examination are violated by me, or in the event that I did not comply with or violated any of the provisions of the Constitution, By-laws, and the rules or regulations of RCDC. I agree to hold RCDC and its staff, agent, examiners or officers free from any damage or complaint by reason of any action they, or any of them, may take in connection with this application, and/or the failure of RCDC to admit me.


I acknowledge that, as an examination candidate of The Royal College of Dentists of Canada, I have access to examination content and information that must remain confidential. I hereby agree to protect the confidentiality of the examination content, and any discussion related to examination content before, during, and after the examinations.

I am aware that there is no expiration date to this Agreement.

I acknowledge that violation of this Agreement may result in failure of my examination, expulsion from the examination, or other penalties.

I understand that my application for the Fellowship Examination will not be considered complete until I have submitted the required documentation to the College before the application deadline of January 15, 2023.

Yes, I accept the terms of this Agreement
No, I reject the terms of this Agreement